Mysteries and legends of Barcelona

Misterios y Leyendas de Barcelona

Perhaps because of its large population or its historical relevance, Barcelona has been for centuries an essential point on the map of the Mediterranean. Socioeconomic and artistic importance, however, conceals a series of mysteries and stories. Do you want to know more about the legends of Barcelona?


Mysteries and legends of Barcelona

The Phantom of the Fountain of Canaletas

We go to the Fountain of Canaletas. Perhaps you know that the reason why the F.C. Barcelona celebrates victories there is because its fans gathered outside the headquarters of the newspaper La Rambla, but… do you know the story of the ghost of Canaletas? It seems that in the mid-nineteenth century, shortly after the inauguration of the current fountain, the ghost appeared with a layer and frightened the girls who went to fetch water. Perhaps that inscription on the stone (Si beveu aigua de la Font de Canaletes, sempre sereu uns enamorats de Barcelona, i per lluny que us n’aneu, tornareu sempre “If you drink water from the Fountain of Canaletes, you will always be in love with Barcelona, and you will always return) means both in life and in death.

Witchcraft in Tallers Street?

Carrer de Tallers

 Tallers Street

Not far from there, at number 72 in Tallers street, butchers did not enjoy great fame, for the fact that they were killing living beings; but if there was a guild of Outlaws was the Ropemakers. Why? They were associated with witchcraft by the effluvia of cannabis used for ropes, famous throughout the Mediterranean, having been found in one of the nearby houses several strings of this type with bones and young girls blonde hair…

Francesca Fiveller i Bruc

We go now to the Palacio de la Virreina, today center of cultural exhibitions, and that was named like this because of the wife of the viceroy of Peru. The related story, however, is darker than we might imagine. The girl, Francesca Fiveller i Bruc, had the good fortune to fall in love with the nephew of the viceroy, who left her standing at the altar. To avoid further offense, the viceroy, an old man of over 75 years, offered her marriage, although this should not please the young woman, who appears in the palace as a banshee…

La Raval Vampire

However, if there is a truly grim history of the Modernist Barcelona it is the one of the vampire of carrer Ponent: Enriqueta Martí, witch, prostitute, procurer, pederast and serial killer whose most famous victim was the girl Teresita Guitart, the last victim that survived with another girl to the murders of Martí, who saw how Enriqueta killed on the kitchen table a boy named Pepito. In this last house, clothes, bottles of blood and amputees members were found. Enriqueta Martí victims in the years that followed the Tragic Week were counted by tens, always young children, scattered around the houses where she had lived.

Perhaps the blackest and true story of the four that we have presented you follow the mystery of why, but everything points to a serious psychopathy and police sloppiness; the black legend of Enriqueta Martí ended with a brutal beating during the early hours of May 13, 1913, in the Queen Amalia prison in the Folch i Torres Square.

This review of the black history of Barcelona shows some of the most macabre and bizarre scenes of the city. Undoubtedly, the legends of Barcelona give much play to the history of the city. Which one do you prefer?


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