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Barcelona is one of the cities with more cultural life of Spain. The best proof of this is the large number of museums that it has, more than 50. Undoubtedly the most important museums are the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Picasso Museum and the National Art Museum. Surely if you’ve traveled to Barcelona you’ve visited these museums but, would you like to discover other less touristy museums? The fact that those museums are not known does not mean they are not recommended. So we encourage you to really explore the city and discover the curious museums in Barcelona.

  • Chocolate Museum. Chocolate is the weakness of many people, if you’re one of them, do not miss the sweetest museum in Barcelona. It shows all aspects involving the culture of cacao, from its history and properties to its method of manufacture. The Chocolate Museum presents figures made with all kinds of chocolates, and offers activities and workshops for both children and adults. Are you going to escape the temptation of this museum?
  • Funeral Coach Museum. Are you passionate about the history? If so, you’ll love this museum. Undoubtedly, the Funeral Coach Museum is one of the most curious of Barcelona for its subject and creepy collection. This museum presents a private collection that consists of a total of 19 pieces, all original. This museum is interesting because it is the only museum of its kind throughout Europe. Do not miss one of the most unique museums in Barcelona! If you want to see other historical museums, we recommend you to visit another curious museum, Mammoth Museum. You’ll love discovering the history of this extinct animal.
  • Theatre Museum King of Magic. Mystery, illusion, divination, seduction, occult and, in general, magic, is what you will find in the most fascinating museum of Barcelona. Theatre Museum King of Magic is the temple of illusion. The decoration and all details will make you enter in a magical world full of mystery. Discover this curious museum and practice the most amazing tricks!


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