Monuments in Barcelona: Casa Batlló

El tejado de la Casa Batlló tiene forma de Dragón

Guarded by a huge dragon resting on its roof, Casa Batlló surprise anyone who walks in Passeig de Gracia to visit it. Yes, we said a dragon! But do not worry, it’s not an evil dragon! Its scales of colors gradually became iridescent tiles, and it is waiting from the heights, patient, visitors to become aware of its presence while lounging in the sun.

But this mythological being is not the only surprise that awaits you if you decide to visit this unique building: the facade is covered with thousands of pieces of glass -the famous trencadís that Gaudí became his personal brand- shine in the sun and are a true spectacle of Light and color whose tone is changing throughout the day.

The shape of Casa Batlló evokes the waves of the Mediterranean and also the slopes of Montserrat. There are a lot of representations of nature, as it is typical in the work of the Catalan architect: the columns have bone shapes and vegetable representations, and a bulbous tower crowns the building, like a head of garlic, topped by a four arms cross.

Custodiada por un inmenso dragón que descansa en su tejado, la Casa Batlló sorprende a todo aquel que se desplaza hasta el Paseo de Gracia para visitarla. ¡Sí, hemos dicho un dragón! Pero no te preocupes, ¡no es un dragón malvado! Sus escamas de colores se convirtieron poco a poco en tejas irisadas, y desde las alturas aguarda, paciente, a que los visitantes se percaten de su presencia mientras descansa bajo el sol.

Cruz de cuatro brazos junto al tejado con forma de dragón, con el cielo de febrero de fondo

The four arms cross

Some say that this building is an allegory of the legend of Saint George and the Dragon: we have told you about the dragon, and the cross of the tower represent the sword from which flows the blood, formed by the tiles reddish in that part of the roof. Dragon victims would be represented by columns with bone forms and also by some skulls that some people say they see on balconies.

The best way to discover what is there in all this is to visit Casa Batlló and see with your own eyes, don’t you think? This Gaudí house became the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism.

Many experts interpret the stair leading downstairs to the lobby as the dragon’s tail, because its shape looks like the spine of an animal. It is also surprising the wall of the attic or the chimney of the main hall, located in a mushroom shaped hollow.

Un elemento característico de la Casa Batlló es su chimenea con forma de seta, en el despacho del Señor Batlló

Mushroom chimney. (Autor: Casa Batlló / photo on flickr)

In the dining room, the window is an evocation of the Patio de los Leones in the Alhambra in Granada and will amaze the ceiling that mimics an infinity of water droplets that seem to fall from the ceiling. And do not miss the patio lights: tiles ranging from blue to white on a gradient that evokes an underwater cave, feeling further increasing in the skylight glass top.

The interior of the house keeps many secrets accessible only to the most attentive visitors. Do you dare to discover them all? It will be a fantastic experience!

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Photo credit: aine60 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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