Less is more: minimalist places in Barcelona

Menos es más: lugares minimalistas de Barcelona

In 1929, during the years in which Europe lived between wars, the consolidated artist Ludwig Mies van der Rohe went to Barcelona to organize and trace back one of five works that, not long after, define the modern movement. Discover the minimalist places in Barcelona that meet the rule “Less is more”.

The German pavilion, chosen as icon of the Weimar Republic at the International Exhibition in Barcelona (1929), talk about minimalism, reduction to the essential; abstract, literal, austere, orderly and pure in its simplicity are some of the concepts that, little by little, have been created this trend that began at the end of World War II.


Minimalist places in Barcelona

In Barcelona this is one of the great exponents of minimalism, but if you want to enjoy this artistic movement you have many other options. Are you up for an afternoon of abstraction by the Catalan Mediterranean?

Disseny Hub or Design museum of Barcelona

Disseny Hub Barcelona

Disseny Hub  (Autor: OK – Apartment / Foter / CC BY)

Created in the project Urban Canopy Las Glorias, the Design Hub has become the quintessential design space in the capital. To cross its glass door makes us move to an extraordinary universe where art, design (product, fashion, graphic design, decorative arts …) and architecture come together in a space that allows experience and understand great works of minimalism.

German Pavilion,  Mies van der Rohe

Interior Pabellón de Alemania

(Autor: jmv / Foter / CC BY )

Shut down in 1930 and rebuilt in its present location close to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic in 1986. The three major bases of the movementClarity, simplicity, and integrity were forged through the straight line, marble and glass where the independence of the structure and the open spaces survives.

Contemporary art Museum of Barcelona (MACBA)

Museu d'art Contemporani de Barcelona


Our third option brings us to MACBA, in the Raval. One of the most representative museums of the city, where a collection of more than 5,000 works of the past sixty years is accompanied by temporary exhibitions of high quality.
Therefore, it becomes easily into one of the basics to enjoy the minimal art, as evidenced by current exhibitions as Deseos y Necesidades, Un teatro sin teatro, Colección o Con la probabilidad de ser visto, accompanied by names like Oppenheim , Moué or McBride.


Minimalism outdoor

And if you have no interest in spending a whole day in a museum, you can also enjoy some of the most emblematic works of the Olympic Barcelona. In regard to minimalism, New York Beverly Pepper and German Rebecca Horn.

To enjoy the work of the first, we will go the Parc of the North Station, not far from Arc de Triomf, where Cielo Caído (Fallen Sky) is waiting for us, concentrating the concept of land and sea between light, a tribute to Gaudí


Estrella herida de la Barceloneta

La Estrella Herida de Horn

La estrella herida de Horn, however, lives waterfront through four steel cubes which honor the past of the Barceloneta and where instability gives sense to the work.

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