Essential places of the upper area of Barcelona

Rincones imprescindibles de la zona alta de Barcelona

Barcelona is a place filled with lovely corners: hidden in its streets, appreciated by the residents of the neighbourhoods, discovered sometimes or lost throughout history…

Today, we show you some essential corners of the upper area of Barcelona; a different space, away from the old town and the central districts of the city that often goes unnoticed even to the inhabitants of this city, but with little secrets full of charm between Sant Gervasi, Sarria, la Bonanova , Pedralbes, Tres Torres and Galvany.

Places you can not miss in the upper area in Barcelona

La Placeta del Roser

A few meters from the crowded Plaza de Sarria, the Placeta del Roser hides in silence since 1963. There, at its side, the church of San Vincente, neoclassical, offers a rare tranquility in a wooded area to have a drink or enjoy a book in solitude. A strangely comforting experience, no noise, no cars, no excessive movement … Another Barcelona.

Pedralbes Gardens

A wall of bougainvillea welcomes us to the Pedralbes Gardens; inside, there is one of the best preserved stately spaces in Spain: there joins the savoir faire of the French romantic gardens with neoclassical architecture and a large number of ponds; as we move we find the Fountain of Hercules, pines and bamboos, amazing designs attributed to Gaudí and even a children’s play house known as Kolonihaven. At its center, we find the Royal Palace of Pedralbes with the Ceramics Museum, Decorative Arts and the Textile Museum that today belong to the Design Hub Barcelona.


Moragas Gardens

Opened in 1939, Moragas Gardens emerge from the private garden of an old Catalan businessman with stone benches, exotic palms and sculptural details that were part of the Tower-Lledo house, which names the current district. A mezzcolanzza between public and private that shapes a city with a thousand and one stories to tell.


Turó Park gondolas lake

Legacy of its past as amusement park opened in 1912; its closure in 1929 marked his conversion to green area where we can enjoy the original pond of the Turó Park, part of the scenery of the water rides with exact replicas of Venetian gondolas focused on the bourgeoisie of the time.


The former passage of the teacher Mulet i Orfila

In the upper area of Barcelona, a few meters from Plaza Molina, Professor Antoni Mulet opened a passage adjacent to Gracia modernist houses; there, at the bottom of Putxet with Sant Gervasi we still find more than twenty modernist houses in Mulet Street. A pleasant surprise among the mass of a city that has grown.


Have you visited these five essential spots in uptown Barcelona?

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