Els Encants market. The beauty of the old

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Encants market opens at nine in the morning to all those dreamers and antique lovers willing to be surprised by the most diverse objects. Located on Plaça de les Glories, La Fira de Bellcaire, more popularly known as Encants vells, is the oldest and most important second hand market of Barcelona.

The origins of this peculiar market are in the fourteenth century, according to historians. So Encants is not only the oldest second hand market in Barcelona but also represents one of the most traditional European second hand markets, more than El Rastro in Madrid or Marchés aux Puces in Paris.

In a cosmopolitan, modern and advanced society, Els Encants market has managed to preserve its essence of medieval market over the years, offering the opportunity to experience the beauty of the old. Its classic stands are now converging with metal prefabricated modules, a fact that shows the coherence between different times. And here you can find from handicrafts to antique and art products. The Encants Vells collects all those hard to find, unique and individual items. So, if you want to discover Barcelona and know each of its corners, feel free to start with this, its antiquities allow you to know a little better the evolution of the customs and ways of living in Barcelona.

However, despite the stands and antique objects are the elements that have drawn the image of this market, the symbol of identity that sets it apart from other flea markets is the auction. Since ancient times, Els Encants have auctioned all kinds of objects and still continues today, from 8:00 to 9:30 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you want to walk among its stands, experience the excitement of an auction or find that object you are looking for, Els Encants market is available from 9:00 to 20:00 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays, except holidays. Do not hesitate and be amazed by the beauty of this historic market.

Author: Mr. Theklan / photo on flickr

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