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Joan Miró is one of the most popular Catalan artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century of the artistic movement known as surrealism. He was born on April 20, 1823 in the city of Barcelona, ​​in a family of goldsmiths and watchmakers. He took his first lessons in drawing in 1900 and since then, its passion and admiration for the art never stopped to grow. Due to his father’s wishes to provide him a better life, Miró studied commerce at the School of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​while attending the School of Industrial and Fine Arts (La Llotja) to improve his art knowledge and continue with his true passion.

Although it is one of the most representative artists of surrealism, not all his works have been influenced by this current. During its inception, Fauves, Cubists and Expressionists signs can be seen in his paintings to lead a style similar to Naive. A clear example of this trend is seen in one of his most important paintings, La Masia, considered by the artist himself as the “key work of his career.” This is an oil painting in the family farmhouse located in Mont-Roig del Camp and through which Miró summed up his years in this field. Currently, this painting is on display at the National Gallery of Art and is the work that ended the first artistic period of Joan Miró to begin what would become his true mark of identity. He completed his work in Paris, which marked his career significantly, as it was here when his work became more surreal.

During his career, Miró has not only offered the world an important collection of paintings, but also established himself as one of the major sculptors, engravers and ceramists in Spanish and Catalan art. In 1968 it was celebrated the first major exhibition of Joan Miró in Barcelona, ​​the year in which the artist had the idea to create a space dedicated to showing its audience his works, showing trends and expand the culture of contemporary art. Thus, it was created in 1975 Joan Miró Foundation, a museum with over 10,000 pieces of the artist including sculptures, tapestries, drawings, sketches and paintings belonging to different artistic styles. One of the best Museums in Barcelona


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