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Fiesta de Gracia

The city of Barcelona stands out not only for its historical monuments, museums and diversity that surround it, but also for the beauty of each and every one of its neighborhoods. One of the best known and most visited is Gràcia neighborhood, which was a separate village that joined the urban core of the city in the late nineteenth century. Indeed, even today we see a clear difference between the sense of community felt by residents of this neighborhood.

Gracia has a lot of charm, historical places, symbolic places and old restaurants that make it unique and worthy of being visited. However, this small community does not stand by its urban and architectural attractions, but for its festival. Festa Major de Gracia Festival is known throughout the country as the most spectacular and colorful. It is held during the month of August and lasts five days. Throughout the week, you can see Gràcia streets with the most amazing decorations, all made using traditional methods by its neighbors, in order to win the competition for ‘the best decorated street’.


Concurso de calles de Gràcia                                          Author: / photo on flickr

The Proclamation is one of the most expected acts of the Festival, each year with a different important figure. During every day, music, activities, children’s workshops, concerts in all the streets of Gràcia turn Festival in an unforgettable experience.

In the Mid-week, take place two of the most emblematic activities of the Festival,  ‘bestiari’ and ‘cercavila’. The first occurs early in the morning. In the afternoon, the main parade is attended by both residents and visitors.

‘Correfoc’ (firework) is one of the favorite events of Festa Major de Gracia Festival because of the fire show performed by devils. In addition to these acts, there are also other activities for the youngest.


Dragón en las fiestas de Gràcia                                           Author: Photogra Fer / photo on flickr

Festa Major de Gracia Festival is one of the oldest and most famous of the entire city of Barcelona. A unique experience you can not miss if you decide to visit the Catalan capital.

Autor Foto Portada: Soroll / photo on flickr


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