Discover the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona

Museo Egipcio de Barcelona

The Egyptian Museum in Barcelona is unique in the country because it was the first museum in Spain about the Pharaonic topic. You will find the private collection of the Catalan businessman and patron Jordi Clos Llombart and belongs to the Fundación Arqueológica Clos.

If you love Egypt and its mysterious culture this is undoubtedly your museum! Travel to Barcelona and discover the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona.

The private collection of this patron allow you to discover, first hand, the life and habits of one of the most fascinating civilizations in human history. You will be able to enter into the world of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and visit some of the most important sarcophagi in its history, such as the Lady of Kemet.

The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona gives you about 1,000 pieces from the time of the Pharaohs. The exhibition is divided into three rooms, five classrooms, a hall for temporary exhibitions and a specialized library. Although the permanent exhibition is amazing and allows you to take a tour through the different times of this mysterious culture, temporary exhibitions are also worth seeing.

There are several well-known traveling exhibitions worldwide, among which the notably exhibition “Tutankhamun. History of a discovery.”


Museo Egipcio de Barcelona 2

This exhibition illustrates aspects of the environment of the “boy king” through a number of unique pieces. The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona pays tribute to this veritable archaeological adventure through spaces dedicated to its protagonists, its work methods or the media coverage generated by the discovery.

Strolling among mummies, observe how the ancient Egyptians lived, what were their customs, discover objects of their everyday life, see representations of funerary chapels, explore the art of mummification and discover some of the secrets of Egyptian civilization and culture is a living experience you can not miss. The Egyptian Museum is one of the great hidden treasures of the city of Barcelona.



Monday to Saturday from 10h to 20h. Sunday from 10h to 14h.

Closed between 14h and 16h from 8th of January to 21st of June and from 12th September to 30th November (except Easter and holidays).

Closed on the 1st and 6th of January and on the 25th and 26th of December.


The second and fourth Sunday of each month at 11am. (Catalan Language).


The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona, 284 Valencia, 08007 Barcelona


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