The most curious restaurants in Barcelona

Restaurantes sorprendentes Barcelona

If you feel like doing something different, do it! And, in Barcelona, there is everything for everyone, so in matters of cuisine, restaurants and surprises, success is assured. Therefore, today we show you the most interesting restaurants you will find in the Catalan capital.


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Start by traveling to The States

The good thing is that you do not have to leave the city, you know? Enter the Peggy Sue’s near Diagonal (Balmes, 24) or above Les Corts (Benet Mateu, 57) Or do you prefer to go to Travessera de Gràcia, 35? You have options! There you can enjoy an American dinner accompanied by selected meat and carrot cake. Want more options? Then try Bernie’s Diner Grill & Burger Bar (Via Laietana, 20), where BBQ ribs, burgers and shakes take you back to the fifties.


Within your favorite series in 4 … 8 … 12 …

You know, the numbers: 4, 8, 12, 16, 23, 42. And out of Lost for you to take some tapas and a beer Dharma brand in the Bharma. Inside this place you will find a piece of the plane of Jack Shepard and the other along with many other objects of the shooting.

Plane food never had a better taste

We are talking about the Gourmet A-320, within the Hotel Vueling BCN by HC, an idea that comes along with Vueling to land on the Gran Via, 550. The idea of ​​the team is that you enjoy an experience of high-flying while having dinner comfortably in the designer armchairs and enjoy the experience seasoned with a drink or a gin and tonic.

Something more… Enigmatium

That is what is offered next to the Hospital de Sant Pau, where we will have not only an excellent dinner, but we will be invited to an entire blockbuster with actors, magicians or choreographers in a humorous show with open bar.

Finally, make a wish…

In Ganduxer, 16, where Deseos Restaurant gives you a space where you can enjoy pasta, pizza and Italian cuisine with an intensity like you’ve never imagined.

You see, Barcelona restaurants have a lot to offer: if you want something more to enjoy, here are several proposals that will make you repeat! The most curious restaurants in Barcelona!

Do not miss the opportunity to join gastronomy and entertainment in some of the busiest points of Barcelona!


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