Christmas in Barcelona 2017

 Christmas in Barcelona is an opportunity to enjoy the possibilities offered by the city of Barcelona. From November to Kings, there are several events for the whole family that you can enjoy.

Christmas events in Barcelona 2017

Desde el 23 de noviembre hasta el 7 de enero las calles de Barcelona estarán iluminadas. Pasear por sus calles es disfrutar del colorido y el sabor a Navidad.

From November 23 to January 7 the streets of Barcelona will be illuminated. To walk through its streets is to enjoy the color and the taste of Christmas.

Christmas in Barcelona 2017 has a series of fixed events that are already consolidated regardless of the year. You have to think that the lighting is already turned on at the end of November and that since then, the commercial activity increases.

If the lighting of the streets and squares is expected, the Christmas markets of the neighborhoods of Barcelona, the fully decorated giant Christmas trees or the always surprising Bethlehem of Plaça Sant Jaume are a fundamental part of the Christmas season in the city.

Fira de Santa Llúcia

Mercat de Santa Llúcia

Santa Llúcia Market is the perfect place to buy your Christmas tree, your nativity scene or Christmas Tió.

This Christmas market is held in the Plaza de la Catedral, which has its origin in 1786. Although initially it was the day of Santa Lucia, now it lasts a month, from November 24 to December 23. You can buy all the accessories you need for your nativity scene, as well as herbs and mosses, musical instruments typical of these dates and handicraft products.

El Tió de Navidad

Tió de Navidad

In the Santa Llúcia Market there is a giant Tió that “shits” sweets for children.

In Catalonia a tradition of pagan origin is maintained, consisting of striking a wooden trunk so that it “shits” candies or other gifts for children. Today, this has been perfected to such an extent that the trunk has a human face and barretina (hat), in most cases, and is a common place in the Christmas celebrations of several families from Barcelona. From November 26 to December 18, at the Santa Llùcia Market there is a giant tió that children can hit with the stick to give them candy.

New Year’s Eve party at the Font Màgica

In recent years, talking about New Year’s Eve in Barcelona, is synonymous with celebrating the passage to the new year 2018 in the Avinguda Maria Cristina with its colorful pyrotechnic show, lights and the traditional chimes accompanied by the 12 grapes of luck. Once the countdown is over, the new year is celebrated with a glass of cava and you go to the parties that are scattered throughout the city.

Kings Parade

The final highlight to the Christmas holidays in Barcelona is the kings parade,

which takes a tour that begins at the Port and runs through the main arteries of the city. Upon arrival by boat, their majesties from the East make a speech and, from there, the parade begins in which you distribute tons of candy and toys. A day that the little ones of the house, live with excitment.

Live Christmas at the Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel

Árbol de Navidad

In Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés, Christmas is lived with great enthusiasm.

As you can see, Christmas in Barcelona 2017 offers attractions for all audiences. Whether you are young or elder, you have possibilities to make your stay in the city very pleasant. Both in the Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel and in the Les Corts neighborhood, Christmas is lived with great enthusiasm.

Stay with us and enjoy Christmas in Barcelona!

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