Christmas in Barcelona

Christmas is a special time in Barcelona and has an air of tió and shepherds near the Feria de Santa Llúcia and Sagrada Familia; Christmas in Barcelona is to imagine Portal de l’Angel with people going up and down to the Cathedral of Barcelona, or to Plaza Catalunya, or going to the Rambla de Canaletes between ornaments that glow in green, red and white above our heads.

What can we do during this time in the capital of Catalonia? The charm is welcomed in the Christmas markets, especially in Santa Llúcia, patron of many traditional trades, which includes among its seasonal stalls figures for the crib, the Christmas tree and home decor; between the stalls, the cribs are complemented with cagatios, moss and traditional ornaments.

Parada de la Feria navideña de Santa Llúcia

Santa Llúcia (Autor: anna_barcelona / photo on flickr)

In addition to the three major festivals celebrated in Catalonia (the Tio de Nadal, which it is fed from December 8 to receive small gifts on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus or St. Nicholas, which has been adopted in recent years for the same dates, and the Three Wise Men, arriving at the Port of Barcelona to visit landmarks of the city center), Christmas in Barcelona is a moment to learn more local typical activities; like the plays of pastorets (cowherd), where the Nativity and the struggle between good and evil is told, the most popular version is owed to Josep Maria Folch i Torres.

How about our recommendations to enjoy Christmas in Barcelona? As you see the city can be enjoyed in this season, the length and width of the most emblematic streets of the old town and city center, decorated with legions of ornaments and golden lights highlighting, in particular, on the Passeig de Gracia. Meanwhile, during the celebration, we can wait between Christmas and Sant Esteve, or Sant Esteve and New Year with the Holy Innocents (December 28), which is full of jokers prepared on the TV, the radio and in the streets.

Christmas is a time of tradition and family in this city, where typical dishes like escudella or carn d’olla appear in full tables where the family comes together to hear the chimes, or attend typical traditions like Missa del Gall or Cant de la Sibil·la between nougats and wafers, because Christmas in Barcelona is a party, but also memory, tradition and family.

Photo credit: MiquelGP54 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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