Canaletes: the epicenter of FC Barcelona

Canaletas: Epicentro del barcelonismo

Where Madrid has the Cibeles, Barcelona has Canaletes. But why? The reality is that the Font de Canaletes (Fountain of Canaletes) has been and it is famous in la Rambla because of  F.C. Barcelona celebrations and it is visited by millions of tourists every year for the same reason.

Canaletes: the fountain of the sporting triumphs

The story of the fountain goes back to the beginning of the century, where the first followers of F.C. Barcelona went there to know the scores of his football team. At that time, the team that started in the velodrome of the Bonanova (where today stands the Turo Park), lived constantly changing the field between the Casanovas hotel (where it is today the Hospital de Sant Pau), Horta road and street Muntaner: four fields in less than ten years of history!

Histórica Fuente de Canaletes de Barcelona

Canaletes fountain in La Rambla

In the city center, with the Gothic Quarter and the Raval on both sides, Canaletas was a meeting point to discuss successes, news and sports possibilities of a team with economic difficulties. By the way, in the thirties, the team’s results began to be reported on a blackboard in front of the offices of the newspaper La Rambla.

However, the Canaletes Fountain is much older than you could imagine! The name dates back to the fourteenth century, although at that time there was no fountain but channels carrying water from the Serra de Collserola to the city center.

The present construction is that monument with four suppliers of iron where residents and visitors drink liters and liters, and where the Barcelona Soccer club, a hundred years later, is much more than a sports club that celebrates its many successes.


Fuente de Canaletas

Somehow, the Fountain of Canaletas has become a symbol of Catalan nationalism, of the city and a meeting point and perhaps that’s why there is an old legend that says that those who drink from Canaletes will fall in love with Barcelona and will eventually come back to the city. We do not know if it’s true but, just in case, you’d better have a drink if you want to come back!

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