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Barcelona is one of the cities with more cultural and entertainment offer in the world. In addition to having over 50 museums and countless artworks located throughout the city, it is characterized by having between the center and the metropolitan area countless theaters where all kinds of films are shown. The best way to enjoy a film is still via the big screen, because of its magic and spectacle. If you are a lover of cinema and would like to discover the best cinemas in Barcelona, here you have a selection of different cinemas.

  • Cine Urgel. With a single movie theater, it is one of the biggest cinemas in the country. This movie theater seats more than 1,800 people and shows both premieres and films made between 70 and 90. If you’ve decided to visit Barcelona you can not miss this cinema.
  • Club Coliseum. Same as above, it only has a room but with smaller dimensions. It stands out as one of the best in Barcelona for its giant screen, through which you feel you are part of the film.
  • Aribau Club. Despite being one of the smaller cinemas in the city, with two rooms, Aribau Club offers 3D movies on one of them and top rated films on the other.
  • Arenas Multicines. And if what you want is the spectacle of modern cinemas, Arenas Multicines is what you want. It has 12 rooms, 3D projection and the best quality sound and picture.
  • Cinesa Diagonal Mar. Cinesa Diagonal Mar is one of the most appreciated by the locals for the quality of emissions. Furthermore, they also like Cinesa Heron City, La Maquinista and Cinesa Parc Vallés, in the metropolitan area.
  • Cinemas with films in O.V. For lovers of movies in original version, Barcelona also has cinemas that broadcast this kind of films. The most notable are the Verdi, Yelmo Cines Icaria, Méliès and Renoir Les Corts.
  • Imax Port Vell. Finally, you can go to Imax 3D projection. Although the films broadcasted are not part of the audience favorite, three-dimensional effects are spectacular.

Author: Nicoletto (que te meto) / photo on flickr

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