Barcelona’s 10 sculptures you can not miss

Although it is famous for many monuments, there are endless sculptures of Barcelona not so famous that are worth admiring, either for its historical significance pr for what they represent. We have prepared a list of the 10 most original street sculptures in the city. Do you dare to discover them all?

  1. Flirty Giraffe (La jirafa coqueta): This animal sculpture is part of a series of Josep Granyer and was commissioned by the Association of Friends of Rambla Catalunya. Flirty Giraffe awaits you with its daring pose, in Rambla Catalunya and Avenida Diagonal.

    La Jirafa coqueta está stuada en La Rambla de Catalunya (Autor: )

    Jirafa coqueta (Autor: jaime.silva / photo on flickr)

  2. The Thinker bull (el brau pensador): This meditative bull, which emulates Rodin’s Thinker, is the couple’s flirty giraffe.

    El Toro pensador está en la confluencia de Rambla de Catalunya con Gran Via de les Corts (Autor: juanedc / photo on flickr)

    El Toro pensador (Autor: juanedc / photo on flickr)

  3. Botero’s Cat: This sculptor wanted to pay homage to something so close to human as a cat, and did so with a fun, fat and disproportionate model that is loved by neighbors and tourists. You’ll find it at the end of the Rambla del Raval

    El gato de Botero es conocido como el Gato de El Raval por estar en las calles de este famoso barrio (Autor:Antonio Marín Segovia / photo on flickr)

    Gato de Botero (Autor: Antonio Marín Segovia / photo on flickr)

  4. Matches: This sculpture was inaugurated in 1992. The find them in Mundet district, the area where the residences were built for the Olympic Games. It is one of the few exponents of pop art we have in Spain.

    Esta curiosa escultura está en Mundet, en el barrio de Horta (Autor: santi.MB.Photos / photo on flickr)

    The Marches (Autor: santi.MB.Photos / photo on flickr)

  5. Monument to Walt Disney: In a corner of Ciudadela Park you will find a set of jumping deer: this is a sculpture that Barcelona wanted to pay tribute to Walt Disney and his beloved films.

    Monument to Disney (Autor: alvarezperea / photo on flickr)

  6. Mariscal Shrimp: This sculpture depicts the close relationship between Barcelona to the world of design and comics in the late 80s, in what could be the Catalan version of the Madrid scene. The sympathetic Mariscal design will make you smile, no doubt!

    La Gamba de Mariscal es una curiosa escultura cercana al Port Vell de Barcelona (Autor: cien de cine / photo on flickr)

    La Gamba de Mariscal (Autor: cien de cine / photo on flickr)

  7. Cobi Statue: Cobi was the mascot of the Olympic Games in Barcelona; this friendly mascot was also designed by Mariscal and you can find it in the Port Olympic Park, close to the Olympic Village Underground stop.

    Cobi fue la mascota de las Olimpiadas de Barcelona del aó 1992 (Autor: MantisXxl / Photo on flickr)

    Cobi (Autor: MantisXxl / Photo on flickr)

  8. The Dragon: This sculpture of Barcelona made with steel plates is a mythical symbol Industrial Spain, which can be climbed and spend a fun afternoon in the district of Sants.

    La escultura del Dragón está junto a la estación de trenes de Barcelona Sants, en el Parque de la España Industrial (Autor: Luis Irisarri / photo on flickr)

    Escultura del Dragón (Autor: Luis Irisarri / photo on flickr)

  9. David and Goliat: This set is part of the sculptures in Barcelona that were built on the occasion of the Olympics in 1992 and represents the rebirth of the area that is now the Olympic Village.La escultura de David y Goliat está al pié de las torres mapfre, en el puerto olímpico (Autor: Stoned59 / photo on flickr)

David and Goliat (Autor: Stoned59 / photo on flickr)


10. Homage to Picasso: This sculpture designed by Antoni Tàpies in the 80’s raised passions and hatreds equally: it is a cutting edge product. Come to see it and decide for yourself what you think, it awaits you at the Paseo Picasso..


La vanguardista escultura de Tàpies está en el Paseo de Picasso, junto al parque de la Ciutadella (Autor: jacilluch / photo on flickr)

Tàpies Sculpture (Autor: jacilluch / photo on flickr)

As you see, there are many sculptures in Barcelona which are worth taking a look, some are very original and fun!

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Photo credit: Dr. Jaus / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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