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Oso del Zoo de Barcelona

Beyond its famous buildings, Barcelona has another symbol known around the world: Snowflake, the albino gorilla who for years lived in the Barcelona Zoo.

In this zoo, which opened in 1982, you’ll find an incredible number of species of animals from around the world: mammals, reptiles, birds… This is a space conceived not only to expose the animals, but for knowledge and respect for all living beings.

Therefore, each enclosure is perfectly conditioned to the natural habitat of the species living and trying that animals suffer no stress of captivity and maintain habitual behaviors they would have in the wild.

Some of the most famous Barcelona Zoo spaces are:

  • Primates Gallery: This is a set of natural settings where you can closely observe different species of primates from around the world. In addition, in a few meters you will find the habitat of orangutans.You will fall in love!
Trío de monos de el Zoo de Barcelona

Prrimates Gallery (Autor: Proyecto Eden / photo on flickr)

  • Terrarium. Arrow frogs, iguanas, alligators, giant snakes … All this and more awaits you in this huge terrarium specially adapted to the conditions of life of reptiles and amphibians.
  • The farm. Undoubtedly, the Children preferred space: cows, ponies, goats and other farm animals await them here, and at different times may enter with the zookeepers.
  • Aviary. Over 70 species of birds collected in different ecosystems that replicate their natural habitats within Africa, Asia and America.
  • Land of dragons. This space, 140 linear meters, is perfectly equipped to accommodate 5 species of Asia Pacific, divided into two different areas: one in which the Komodo dragons (the largest reptiles in the world) and on the other, the Muntjac deer. Both accompanied by three bird species.
  • Palmerario. In this huge garden inhabit cockatoos, macaws, parrots and other exotic bird species that can fly freely in large aviaries that blend with the outside and they can approach other birds, helping to enrich the environment in which these fantastic tropical birds live.

Barcelona Zoo is open every day of the year and opens at 10am. Getting there is easy: the tram stops right at the entrance, and there is a metro stop (Ciutadella, L4) very close. In addition, it also has parking and several bus stations nearby.

You will find different services focused on make your stay pleasant and comfortable: cycle, changing tables for babies and children’s play area and several restaurants for a drink in the company of peacocks which freely roam the zoo of Barcelona.


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Photo credit: FèlixGP / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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