Markets in Barcelona to have lunch

Barcelona is a city of neighborhoods, but who says neighborhoods, also says markets. Over thirty across the old city! Spaces that unite authentic flavors with good prices and central spaces. If you live or visit Gracia, Ciutat Vella and Sant Antoni, sure you’ll find a market to have lunch or dinner in Barcelona!

Our 5 recommendations about markets in Barcelona

We begin our tour with the most famous: La Boqueria. Is it the best market in Barcelona? Well, it depends! If you want a quiet and very traditional market, this is not a good choice. La Boqueria Market is huge and has a lot of points of food: classic recipes, local produce and food from the other end of the world in the Pinotxo, Quim, the Clemen’s or the Universal Kiosk. What else do you want? There are a lot of choices… Moreover, there are many other places around to enjoy a good feast, like Casa Guinart or Paella Bar!



Boqueia Market

We continue now towards Sant Antoni, where we will have to wander around to take something to eat. Yes, the area has become a must for market addicts; perhaps El Sesamo, Pa i Trago or Vollubilis have something to do. And the Parlament Street as well, of course.

And now we imagine walking near the Palau de la Música. What’s out there? Santa Caterina, which is a blessing in every way! On the terrace of the market we can enjoy a selection of varied cooking styles, which combine Mediterranean cuisine and all kinds of vegetarian options.

santa caterina

Santa Caterina Market


Away from the center, we can escape to other neighborhoods, like Gracia neighborhood. Come by the Mercat de la Llibertat and enjoy a good meal inside or in nearby bars. A great example of this is La Pubilla, with an accessible menu.

We leave the fifth up to you: there are more than forty markets to to discover in Barcelona



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Photo credit: Mariano Fotos via / CC BY-ND


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