9 unique bookstores in Barcelona

9 unique bookstores in Barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan, vibrant and full of culture city. On the main streets or these hidden, narrow ones, you can find bookstores where you will lose yourself, find unique copies and be surprised by spaces where you can enjoy reading while drinking coffee. We present 9 unique bookshops in Barcelona.

9 unique bookstores in Barcelona that you cannot miss

  1. Altair Viajes: Founded in 1979, has one of the best travel book catalogues in Europe. This very special place will allow you to travel with your imagination and meet other travelers from around the world during the cultural events next to round tables. In the basement there is a cafeteria, great for reading.
  1. Famous Casa del Libro franchise has a fascinating establishment in Rambla de Catalunya. Furthermore, besides vast collection of books in all of the specializations , it has a garden where you can sit and enjoy reading.
  1. Re-read is Barcelona’s top low cost bookstore. With unbeatable prices, money will not be an excuse to enjoy a good book. You can buy one for 3 euros, two for 5 euros and 5 for 10 euros.
  1. The Millà bookstore, located between the Liceo and Romea, two great theaters of the city, is a paradise for interpretive art lovers. Specialises in theater booklets of all genres.
  1. Norma Cómics is a cult bookstore for fans of the drawing. Boasts a huge collection, from the great classics to the most current ones. Furthermore, it has a section for film enthusiasts.
  1. The mysterious Gigamesh bookstore is the meeting point for all fans of science fiction. A place to get lost among fantasy, terror and subculture stories. Moreover, in 2002 published the first Spanish edition of Game of Thrones.
  1. Casa Anita is a space for the little ones, everything was thought to make them fascinated about the reading from an early age. It has a vast catalogue of books for all ages, from books for babies for those who cannot read, to small section for adults. A whole universe of stories, poems, illustrated albums, lying together with puppets and paper games.
  1. In a beautiful modernist mansion you will find the luxurious and elegant Anticuaria Camelles Bookstore. To enter, you must take an old elevator. It is very interesting to discover a collection of rare and very exclusive books. While prices are high, this temple of literature is still worth visiting.
  1. The lively Laie bookstore is a place where authors and readers search for the latest national and international news. There is a café where you can spend your afternoon with a good book, and taste Catalan dishes inside of this gastronomic space.

We are sure that if you are passionate about reading, Barcelona will allow you to find small literary treasures in unique bookstores and walk around the corners where the characters of your favorite novels passed by. If you travel to Barcelona, the Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés will be happy to give you the best tips how to enjoy the city.

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