5 Traditional Feasts of Barcelona you can not miss

If Barcelona has something amazing and unique these are its neighborhoods and festivals; traditional feasts and mostly related directly to these neighborhoods. Many, but not all, require visitors to stroll between neighborhoods, but others, like La Mercè, La Diada and Sant Jordi saturate Barcelona with light, color and celebrations.

If you can not wait any longer we show you the five Traditional feasts of Barcelona you can not miss this year, we will explain it in two minutes!

# 1 La Merce


The patron saint of Barcelona has a whole week of festivities in hes honor; the week of September 24, day of La Merce, the city streets are filled with giants, exhibitions, correfocs, live music and popular dinners in the center, the port and in many districts of the city, as Nou Barris, Guinardó, Poble Nou and many more.

#2 Diada de Catalunya

Ofrenda floral a Rafael Casanova (Autor: )

(Autor: Xcaballe / wikipedia )

National Day of September Eleven is the National Day of Catalonia, commemorating the Catalan village last defense against the Borbon’s army in 1714; the wreaths at the foot of the monument to Rafael Casanova are typical, as the Mass and celebrations in the Parc de la Ciutadella. The doors of the Palau de la Generalitat are also open, a parade of flag is made, poems are recited and there are concerts, popular meals and a great atmosphere in the streets of Barcelona and other Catalan provinces.

#3 Sant Jordi, 23 april

The day of the book and the rose! Famous and awaited day that fills Barcelona with movement; between the popular stalls of La Rambla and Paseo de Gracia that are just one example of the thousands and thousands of little stalls throughout the city offering books, roses and the opportunity to enjoy a very appreciated by all party.

 #4 Fiestas de Gracia

August is the month of Gracia. Under the name Festa Major de Gràcia, and for a whole week, Gracia neighborhood concentrates music, entertainment and decorate every street of a specific topic for the contest “carrers guarnits” (decorated streets); There also gymkhanas, competitions, exhibitions and fun.

#5 Fiestas de Sants

After Gracia, arrives Sants and for many it is a continuation of the previous one and a great way to say goodbye to August. Here the street are also collapsed above and below the street of Sants offering daytime and evening activities for every taste, from popular foods to children’s activities, habaneres, popular music and more.

Finally, we recommend that you pay attention to everything that moves in a city like Barcelona; as a rule, every year there are a municipality or guest city, and many other parties that we have not mentioned here, as the week dedicated to Santa Eulalia, several editions of the famous Holli or spring festival celebrations at many points that recover that spirit closer and popular, as the festival of Sant Roc in Plaça Nova in the Gothic or the Festa Major of Sagrada Familia.


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