5 traditional Catalan food restaurants

5 restaurantes de comida tradicional catalana de rechupete

In the extremely cosmopolitan cuisine of which we enjoy in Barcelona, the traditional Catalan food restaurants occupy an essential part of it; in an environment of Spanish dishes, sushi or Italian pasta, and where the most typical proposals have their little temples to discover, remember and share.

So if you’ve come here looking for traditional Catalan food restaurants of first level, we will offer our personal selection: varied, modern but with classical roots and at a price that will allow you to repeat, if you wish.

5 first level traditional Catalan food restaurants 

El Gran Café

El Gran Café

Gran Café. (Autor: El Gran Café)

We go to the center again to visit one of the Catalan places with best vibes and nightlife of Barcelona; It is El Gran Café in Avinyó Street, where you can enjoy classics like pa amb tomàquet in sandwiches of ham and omelette! Enjoy also tapas with salad and goat cheese, breaded artichokes, octopus dishes, rice with lobster, meat cannelloni in a modernist building which opened in 1920. You can not ask for more!

El Gran Café – Carrer d’Avinyó, 9. 08002 Barcelona


Manairó Barcelona

 (Autor: Manairó)

We can not forget the Manairo, near the old bullring La Monumental, where you will find popular dishes with proposals with a touch very daring as calamari egg and potato, the ravioli of foie or the fish with chickpeas and onion morcilla. A true fusion cuisine restaurant in the middle of Eixample.

Manairo – C/Diputació,424. 08013 Barcelona

Casa Jordi

Casa Jordi

Casa Jordi. (Autor: Casa Jordi)

All guests of Casa Jordi leave delighted by the quality and quantity of their dishes. A classic among classics for business dinners who want to bet on home cooking! We recommend the fisherman’s stew, cod fritters or steak tartare. For dessert, do not miss the Catalan cream and flamet

Casa Jordi – Passatge de Marimón, 18. 08021 Barcelona

El Portaló de Sant Andreu

El Portaló de Sant Andreu

Portaló de Sant Andreu(Autor: El Portaló de Sant Andreu)

Among the proposals that are more distant from the city center, The Portaló is a place for traditional dishes. To give you an idea, here you can enjoy cargols a la llauna (snails), asparagus and typical Mediterranean meat and fish products with a high quality competitive prices.

El Portaló de Sant Andreu – C/ Gran de Sant Andreu, 34. 08030 Barcelona

El Celler de Sarrià

With a well chosen menu, El Celler de Sarria bet for traditional recipes of Catalan cuisine, such as porcini croquettes, cod fritters, fried beans, goat or cod; dishes of the highest quality at a very reasonable price.

El Celler de Sarrià – C/Manuel de Falla, 17. 08034 Barcelona

Enjoy Catalan cuisine means to be immersed in a maelstrom of flavors, tradition and local produce. Many restaurants serve traditional Catalan food in Barcelona, and not all fit on our list, but the level of Catalan cuisine is very high… and it is yummy!


Youth Hostel BarcelonaPhoto Credit: Facebook El Gran Café


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