5 Romantic spots in Barcelona

We could recommend you many Romantic spots in Barcelona, and choosing just five is not easy. However, we have chosen those that we consider more special for that date that perhaps you have been months waiting. Here we go!

Horta Labyrinth

Maybe it is because of the neoclassical sculptures or because of the romantic canal. Or perhaps the magic of finding the way through the maze or wander near the pond. Anyway, Horta Labyrinth is one of the most iconic romantic spots in Barcelona.
If you’re looking to spend a dream day you can not miss this place that was once a private house, where were celebrated receptions for Fernando VII or Alfonso XIII. In fact, it is the oldest historic garden in the city.

Laberinto de Horta

Horta Labyrinth

Parc del Palau Reial

Bougainvillea, a pond a walk covered with flowers, iron gates … It seems the scene of a story, but in fact it is the garden of the Palace of Pedralbes. There are many romantic spots in Barcelona, but few have as much charm as this.

To walk the shady paths of these lush gardens is an amazing experience, especially if you do it the hand of the person you want. No doubt it will be a day to remember.You’ll see!


Fuente Central del Palacio Real de Pedralbes

Central fountain of Palau Reial de Pedralbes Park (Autor: meenagh / photo on flickr)

La Tamarita gardens

In the heart of Sant Gervasi hides one of the romantic spots of Barcelona par excellence: the garden of La Tamarita. Although it is less known, to stroll around the lush trees is a winning bet if you’re looking to win the heart of that special persone.

At the beginning, these gardens were part of a house that was almost abandoned after the Civil War, and was restored in 1995. Here awaits you a garden with two major areas, a more romantic and another classicist, with fountains and large hedges.


La Tamarita garden CC BY-SA 3.0 vía Wikimedia Commons)

Sant Gaietà square

This little corner of Sarria makes time stand between you.  It is not very complicated to understand why: between the incessant noise of the streets of Barcelona, this square stands as a center of calm, a small Mediterranean paradise where the rush is not well received.

Among pots, flowers and houses with a rustic style, Plaça de Sant Gaietà is a place for romantics. Oh, and do not worry: despite the appearances, it’s really not a private place.

(Autor: Jorge Franganillo / panoramio )

Plaça de Sant Gaietà  (Autor: Jorge Franganillo / panoramio )

Rec comtal

At first sight, Vallbona does not seem  romantic. However, there is something in  Rec Comtal, the old medieval canal that supplied water to Barcelona, which will make your story stop in time, as has happened in the streets through which goes this medieval canal

Walk among the old houses, orchards, cross the bridge… No doubt, this is one of the most special romantic spots of Barcelona, only suitable for those who appreciate the small things of life.

La Rec Comtal es un lugar al aire libre ideal para pasear y disfrutar de la naturaleza en pareja (Autor: Barcelona.cat / photo on flickr)

 Rec Comtal  (Autor: Barcelona.cat / photo on flickr)

Youth Hostel Barcelona

Photo credit: Antonio Tajuelo / Foter / CC BY


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