5 quiet corners to read in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city where it is easy to find quiet places to get away from stress and recharge your batteries. Because not all have to be noise and fast pace in Barcelona! A park, a library, a garden or a cafe can become the best places to stop the clock and get lost among the pages of a good book.

Let’s go to what we consider to be the 5 most quiet places that invite reading in Barcelona, ​​Join us!

5 quiet corners where you can read in Barcelona

Parque del Laberinto de Horta

Horta Labyrinth Park

We begin the journey by the emblematic gardens of the city. The Horta Labyrinth Park is always a good choice. In its neoclassical garden of the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century romantic garden you can disconnect from the noise and pollution so characteristic of any city. Elements such as the labyrinth, fountains, waterfall and Greek sculptures, will make you feel in another dimension.

The Palau Robert, a building that now houses an exhibition center, a space for concerts, a library … has what is most important, gardens open to the public, inviting you to rest and with the company of a good book. It is a paradise in the city center full of plant species that make it an ideal place to delve into the best of the stories that you have chosen.


Parc de la ciutadella

Ciutadella Park

We continue with places where nature is very present, the gardens of Parque de la Ciutadella. Give a good walk through its roads and sit and read in front of the famous sculpture Desconsuelo, designed by the Catalan sculptor Josep Llimona, will make you feel a special peace. Opt for this place so well connected in the city, so close to everything, but also where it is so easy to walk away…

Other options include patios, yes, you read that right. The courtyards are places that promote cultural and social encounter.

Patio de la Biblioteca Nacional de Cataluña

To read in a quiet place is a privilege

Of all these we will highlight two in particular: first, the courtyard of the Library of Catalonia. You will like it because the environment is truly privileged, you’re reading in the courtyard of a library of over 100 years of history, how significant! In addition, you can also enjoy a space of absolute tranquility within the CCCB, the Patio de les Dones. This courtyard occupies the central area of ​​the CCCB and is a large outdoor enclosure where it is possible to see the city and the sea reflected in the upper range of the window, like a mirror of the current Barcelona!

Reading is necessary for many of us, it helps us to disconnect, it leads us away from the routine of everyday life. It is actually our more faithful friend.

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