5 Locals to have the best breakfast of Barcelona

5 locales donde tomar el mejor desayuno de Barcelona

Where to have breakfast in Barcelona to lick your fingers? If you are thinking about visiting or you are in Barcelona already and want to have a guide to the best places to start the day with a lot of energy, you are in the right post.

One of the smartest ways to travel and that allows you not to miss any site, or plan, is to investigate before starting the daily route. Knowing where to go and how to get there saves time and helps you organize sites that you can see in the area. If you only have a few days, time is money.

The city is full of trendy places to get lost in, in its main streets or in little corners, there are many places to discover, where you can enjoy a great breakfast in Barcelona. For more eaters, for people who count calories or coffee addicts. There are places for all tastes and pockets.

5 Locals to have the best breakfast of Barcelona  

This is our ranking for backpackers who want to discover the best breakfast in Barcelona:

Patisseria Jansana Gluten Free


If you are a celiac, in Jansana Gluten Free you will find gluten-free products.

Pastisseria Jansana Gluten Free is designed for celiacs, it has delicate cupcakes that you can not get out of your head. It is a new and very nice place, with a modern and minimalist touch located in Carrer de Balmes, 106.

Granja Vlader


Granja Viader is famous for creating the Cacaolat and serving delicious breakfasts.

Granja Viader is located in the Gothic quarter, in carrer d’en Xuclà 4-6. It was founded in 1870 and is the creator of the famous cacaolat. There are sweet and savory breakfasts, you can combine a Catalan cream with a creamy coffee, smoothies with pastries and homemade cakes. It has gluten-free products. It is a must to visit.

La Desayunería

Which has a super complete breakfast menu, La Desayunería is a unique place. You will have to walk a lot to be able to burn their Catalan toast and their stuffed tortilla or benedict eggs. You can accompany it with natural juices or lemonade, a bio horchata and finish it off with a Vietnamese coffee. Of course, of all the options that it offers, there is a special part so that the vegetarians can also enjoy. It is located on carrer del Comte 75.



Talking about Lukumás is talking about the most colorful and delicious homemade donuts in Barcelona.

Lúkumas is a hipster café with a modern ambience and where you can have breakfast in Barcelona. It is dedicated to manufacturing homemade donuts, a multitude of different flavors, with filling and without. They are exquisite and there is no other place that has an equal product. You can find them in Torrent de l’Olla 169.

La Nena

It is a classic for the type of breakfasts we can find: homemade pastries, natural juices … and all this with unique chocolate in the city. It is a very special space, where you want to sit and spend hours. In addition, children can enjoy a children’s area designed for them. La Nena is in the neighborhood of Gracia, in Ramón y Cajal 36.

Now you are ready to have breakfast in Barcelona in the most special and unique places in the city. Remember that it is the most important meal of the day, so if you want to be able to endure the full day of energy, this is the secret.

Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés

Desayuno Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel

The day begins strongly with the free buffet breakfast of the Pere Tarrés Youth Hostel.

If you stay at the Pere Tarrés Hostel, you have your most complete Free Buffet breakfast included in your reservation. We are waiting for you!

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