5 Experiences that you have to live in Barcelona

5 Experiencias que tienes que vivir en Barcelona

If anything characterizes Barcelona is the enormous cultural and leisure offers for all tastes and all pockets offer. Okay, you know the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Gothic Quarter, some of its most important museums and now you want something different and special. We offer you five unique experiences in Barcelona that you will never forget. Do you sign up?

5 experiences that you have to live in Barcelona

We have chosen for you five experiences that you have to live in Barcelona that stand out for their originality and fun. Laughter, romanticism, history, gastronomy… Each one of them provides you with some of these ingredients that you are sure you want to incorporate right now into your visit to the city. Here they are!

1.- Visit the anti-aircraft shelter of the Plaça del Diamant

Refugi antiaeri de la Plaça del Diamant

Touring the passages of the anti-aircraft shelter of Plaça del Diamant is a unique experience in Barcelona.

Also known as refuge 232, is a visit that will take you to the essence of the Spanish Civil War. This shelter was built thanks to the initiative of a committee of neighbors and voluntary help of hundreds of people who were digging the tunnel little by little. Everyone agrees that a visit to this shelter is simply shocking. It is located in la Plaça del Diamante, in the Gracia neighborhood.

2.- Take a ride with electric bicycle in Collserola

If you want to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature in its purest form, there is nothing better than visiting the Collserola Park. With 8,000 hectares of nature to enjoy, it is considered the largest metropolitan park in the world. Squirrels, wild boars, foxes, two Gothic castles, old farmhouses, remains of the village of Sierra del Moro… The best experience to regain strength before returning to civilization!

3.- Visit the curious Museum of the Funeral Carriage

The Museum of Funeral Carriages in Barcelona is, without doubt, a different museum. To start with, it couldn’t have a better location than the Montjuïc cemetery. It is also the first museum of funeral carriages in Europe. Do not miss the carriage of the widows.

4.- Spend a very sweet day at the Chocolate Museum

If you are a chocolate lover, there is nothing better than going to the Museo de la Xocolata. Make chocolates with unbelievable ingredients, enjoy pairing chocolate with wine or beer, enjoy a tasting of chocolates. And do not forget the themed dinners. As well as this museum has a huge amount of sweet activities. You’d be surprised!

5.- Having a dinner surrounded by stars at the Fabra Observatory

Observatorio Fabra

From the Fabra Observatory you have Barcelona at your feet and the whole universe above your head.

If you want to spend an unforgettable night next to the stars and a very special company, there is nothing better than a dinner at the Fabra Observatory in Tibidabo. The Dinners with Stars are one of the attractions of this place. A dinner with a gastronomic theme, that ends with an interesting lasting about 30 minutes science conference. You can also visit the interior of the Observatory, the museum, the early 20th century room and the 1904 telescope, one of the oldest in Europe. It’s simply a unique experience.

Now when you found out more about everything that Barcelona offers… You know.

Come to live a great experience to Barcelona!

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