5 Cemeteries of Barcelona to recall in Halloween

5 Cementerios de Barcelona para recorrer en Halloween

On the Halloween night the world of spirits and the real world come into contact, letting ghosts wander through all the cities. For the most fearless, there is nothing like spending a night in one of Barcelona’s cemeteries, most of which have stories of magic and supernatural beings.

5 Cemeteries of Barcelona to recall in Halloween

Witchcraft in Montjuic

Cementerio de Montjuïc - Todo Barcelona

The Montjuïc cemetery is the largest in Barcelona. It’s full with legends of witchcraft and magic.

The legend says that the mountain of Montjuic has its own life and the more you dig in it, the more rocks appear. Therefore it’s no wonder that its magic was beyond the religious sphere, becoming the meeting place for excellence of practitioners of witchcraft. In the Middle Ages and until the eighteenth century, the warlocks gathered in the Fountain of the Cat, decorated with a large stone head, that is representing the devil, to perform their Sabbaths.

The sculptures of Poblenou

The Kiss of Death

If something stands out in the cemetery of Poblenou is the amount of pantheons that complete it. Most of them are crowned with the statues of angels and virgins, but there is other one like The Kiss of Death. This sculpture represents a lying man, who is receiving a kiss form a skull, Death. The empty eye sockets of the skull seem to haunt the visitors who dare to desecrate the cemetery on the night of the spirits.

Francesc el Santet

Bearing the horrifying gaze of death has its reward and we find it in the same cemetery – a tomb of Sanet of Poblenou. In the tomb lies Francesc Canals i Ambrós, a young dependent who died in 1899, at age 22. It seems that Francesc had the gift of fortune telling, so there is a popular belief that whoever makes a wish in front of his grave sees the wish come true.

Sarrià and its cemetery from the novel

angel de la rosa

The cemetery of Sarriá is a recurrent place in the novels of Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

This remote cemetery of Sarrià is one of the key sets of Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s novel Marina. In fact, right here Oscar and Marina see a mysterious woman, who lays a rose on a tomb marked with a black butterfly. If you are one of the lovers of Zafon’s literature, it is the best cemetery to spend a mysterious Halloween in Barcelona.

Sant Gervasi and the city of the dead

At the foot of Tibidabo there is the necropolis of Sant Gervasi, which is a cemetery consisting of the great stairways leading to monumental pantheons and palaces where bourgeois and aristocrats are buried. That is why it seems like a small city of the dead.

The miracles of Sant Andreu

The cemetery of Sant Andreu has the tombs and pantheons of important business families, poets and playwrights. However, the tomb that stands out the most is the one of Santet de Sant Andreu, a young man who wanted to be a bishop. His mother was a spiritualist, so the priest forbade him to become a bishop. The young man died of grief, and spread the belief that from the grave he grants wishes, like Santet of Poblenou.

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