10 Vegan restaurants in Barcelona

10 Restaurantes veganos en Barcelona

Every day there are more vegans and vegetarians in Barcelona and, in general, in all corners of the world. Therefore, there are also more and more restaurants and establishments that adapt to this diet. That’s why we want to present 10 vegan restaurants in Barcelona.

Ten vegan restaurants in Barcelona

1.- Amaltea

It is one of the vegan restaurants in Barcelona that has the best reputation and one of the most known. Their dishes are creative and original, although with natural and simple ingredients such as cheese and bean sprouts, kefir, natural cereals and seitan, among others. From Monday to Friday they have a highly recommended menu that includes two dishes, drink and dessert.

Amaltea – Carrer de la Diputació, 164

2.- Vegetalia


Recipes made with proximity and fresh products. This is what you can find in Vegetalia.

This small chain has three restaurants in the city, one in the Gothic Quarter, another in the Born and another in the Raval. All dishes are natural and ecological and highlight its great and varied cuisine. The prices are not very high and the dishes are delicious and plentiful. What more can you ask for?

Vegetalia – Carrer Escudellers, 54

​3.- Sopa Barcelona

This restaurant stands out because in its daily menu they always include a soup or cream simmered for three hours, and second courses that include seasonal vegetables. They want to serve healthy food as well as tasty and even seek to strengthen the immune system of customers.

Sopa Barcelona – Carrer Provença, 330 | Carrer Roc Boronat, 114

4.- Koku Kitchen Buns


Asian-themed vegan dishes from Koku Kitchen are spectacular. You have to try them!

This place is divided into two parts in which different menus are served. In the lower part of the restaurant, ramen is served with vegan and vegetarian options.

Koku Kitchen Buns – Carrer del Comerç, 29

5.- Cat Bar

This bar is ideal for its punk style decor and food. If you go, you can not leave without trying the midday menu, where they serve exquisite vegetarian burgers. It is perfect for brewers, since they have nine types of Catalan craft beers.

Cat Bar – Carrer Boria, 17

6.- Raso Terra

raso terra barcelona

Raso Terra offers a wide variety of vegan dishes within its vegetarian menu.

It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. It also offers the possibility to eat vegan dishes and they highlight their international dishes, especially their homemade pasta. At noon they prepare a three-course menu with soups and original recipes.

Raso Terra – Carrer Palau, 5

7.- BarCeloneta Vegan Vegetariana

This bar located in the center offers vegan tapas, veg burguers with healthy ingredients and original combinations, raw food and even paellas. It is a very good option and the prices are usually not very high.

BarCeloneta Sangría Bar – Carrer de Sevilla, 70

8.- La Trocadero

la trocadero

The vegan hot dogs of La Trocadero are from another world.

Highlights its interior decorated with care and good taste, a mix between retro and modern style. They serve healthy and vegan fast-food. They emphasize their hot-dogs, potatoes, cold-press juices and hamburgers. In addition, they also sell vegan candy.

La Trocadero – Carrer de la Marina, 269

9.- Santoni

This cafeteria is a delight for vegans in Barcelona. They serve vegan pastries, fresh juices, pizzas, vegetable milk coffees and even vegan kebabs! In addition, in summer they serve vegan ice cream: delicious.

Santoni – Ronda de Sant Antoni, 63

10.- Dolce Pizza & Los Veganos

It is located in the neighborhood of Gracia and they serve ecological and healthy food that adapts perfectly to the diet of the vegans. Hamburgers, rice, vegan pizzas and organic pasta dishes.

Dolce Pizza & Los Veganos – Carrer Hipólito Lázaro, 34

We hope that all these places have opened your appetite and you want to try the food that is served in each one of them.


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