10 Plans for rainy days in Barcelona

10 Planes para los días de lluvia en Barcelona

Although the weather in the city is usually pleasant, occasionally, gray clouds may appear in the sky and the rain in Barcelona may make an appearance. However, this fact should not be a reason for fun and entertainment to be paralyzed. As the famous phrase states: “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain”. So that you can dance under the rain, even if the weather is bad, here are ten plans for rainy days in Barcelona:

10 Plans for rainy days in Barcelona

1.- A day of museums

Barcelona is the Spanish cultural city par excellence. Museums and cultural buildings are distributed in every corner. We recommend the following: Picasso Museum, Frederic Mares Museum, Casa Amatller, European Museum of Modern Art and the Liceu Grand Theater.

2.- Afternoon bowling


Any day is good for bowling, but on rainy days it’s a great plan.

A game of bowling is always a good plan to spend the afternoon with your friends, partner or family. One of the most outstanding bowling alleys in the city is the Bowling Pedralbes, with a restaurant.

3.- Learn to cook

Do you want to learn how to prepare professional dishes while having fun? In Barcelona cooking workshops are offered, to be done individually or in groups. Those who organize at the Bcn Kitchen stand out.

4.- The plan of moviegoers

In any of the cinemas of Barcelona you can experience a relaxed afternoon in which culture is the protagonist. Choose the movie that best suits your tastes and enjoy it while you eat some tasty popcorn.

5.- Ice-skating

patinaje sobre hielo

Ice skating is a fun way to spend a rainy day.

The ice rink of FC Barcelona is ideal to practice this fun winter sport together with the smallest of the house. Its dimensions are wide and has monitors for beginners.

6.- Kart racing

If adrenaline is your thing, go-karts are made for you. It does not matter if the day is rainy, since the city puts the fantastic indoor track of Indoor Karting Barcelona at your disposal.

7.- A play

The theater is another of the featured plans for rainy days. What could be better than enjoying a good play of comedy or drama while the rain falls outside? In the Tivoli Theater, of a very beautiful architecture, the best plays of the city are performed.

8.- A romantic walk

Rosa sobre un día de lluvia en Barcelona

The rain in Barcelona shows us the most romantic side of the city.

Catalan writer Sergi Pamiés writes in his book “Canciones de amor y de lluvia” that couples who fall in love in the rain last longer. Taking a walk through the wet streets on rainy days in Barcelona (well wrapped and with a good umbrella or raincoat) can become an experience full of romance.

9.- The classic ‘shopping’

Buy in the shops of the center or in the big shopping centers is a good alternative to avoid of the rain of Barcelona.

Go shopping, take advantage of the city’s rain to enter a shopping center and renovate your closet.

10.- Give a tribute to your palate

Finally, a lunch or dinner in some of the bars and restaurants of Barcelona will undoubtedly make you enjoy a more than pleasant evening when the rain falls in Barcelona.

There are few rainy days in Barcelona, but rain shouldn’t spoil your plans, go out and enjoy the city and have a great time. We wait for you in Youth Hostel Pere Tarrés!


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