10 Places to have lunch for less than 10€

The Dog is Hot

Barcelona is known for being an expensive city for tourists but as elsewhere, if you move away a little of the typical places and know where to go you can find food of exceptional quality for less than 10 €.

Today we have prepared for you a selection with 10 places to enjoy good price food!

10 Places to have lunch for less than 10€


The Dog is Hot

In Joaquín Costa, 47 hides one of the best places to have hotdogs in all Barcelona: they have 9 offers in the menu, but best of all, you can make your own frankfurt with the ingredients that you want, and with prices ranging from 0.30 and 0.80 €.Run, because the place is small and fills up quickly!



More than 50 years dedicated to delighting locals with the best sandwiches are a presentation more than acceptable, but we also remark that you can taste interesting dishes like croquettes or chicken wings and a good selection of vegetarian dishes. Find them in Llibreteria Street 1.


Blai Tonight

Montaditos at 1 €! What else can we say? The only thing we can think of is that if you want to try you must hurry, because the place is tiny and have very few tables! In Blai street, you will find them.



With prices ranging from € 2 to 7, in the Mosquito you will find tapas as exotic as the Vietnamese Dim Sum, along with a good variety of beers from around the world. Enter a world of contrasts in Carders, 46.


Santa Piadina

If you love Italian food, you probably know that the piadina is almost an institution in Italy: there are even associations responsible for ensuring you do not miss it. In Barcelona, ​​come to 11 Plaça Sant Pere and discover this light, tasty and, above all, cheaper dish! With dishes prepared from 100% artisanal way and a varied menu it is certainly a perfect bet to eat cheap in Barcelona.


Tacos tacos

Starting today, this will be your favorite Mexican restaurant in Barcelona: with tacos from € 1.70, you’ll find great proposals as Chinga tu madre, with pork and green sauce, or Malparit with mushroom sausage. A huge variety and a more than reasonable price for a five star quality. What else do you want? Find it out in Tapioles, 9


Terra d’Escudella

In Premia, 20 You will find a place where the sandwiches are more than a gastronomic offer: become a vindication of the Catalan culture, its customs and traditions. From € 2.50 you can taste homemade dishes, with fresh ingredients and 100% based on Catalan cuisine.


5 tapas and a drink for less than 6 €. How? Is this not enough to convince you? Then, we talk about their huge variety of Basque pintxos and cider cups for € 1.30. Go and enjoy at Princesa Street, 11.


Bon Sushi

1 € drinks and trays of sushi from 2 € are the only presentation that needs this shop located in Vallespir, 112. Lots of variety and great quality for this price is all you need to know go there to try a good sushi.


Rekons Urgell

A deli turned into a restaurant? Yes, and what a restaurant! This place keeps an unmistakable aesthetic, offering a perfect combination of empanadas, Argentine sweets and salads. Know them in Sepulveda, 39.



These are the places that we like to have luch for less than 10 euros in Barcelona. As we always say, there are many more high quality restaurants at low price waiting for you to discover. The best way to discover Barcelona is… Getting lost!


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