Magia en el camino, a dream come true

Magia en el camino, la materialización de un sueño

Magia en el Camino is the blog of Dino and Aldana, a couple of Argentines who decided to break the routine to realize their dream. Combining their passion for travel with magic. Together they have traveled around the world with the help of their educational and magical project.

Interview with Dino and Aldana, bloggers of Magia en el Camino

How did the idea of creating “Magia en el camino” come from?

Magia en el camino (Magic on the road) emerges as the “materialization” of a dream. It emerges as a personal liberation. In July 2009 we decided to take a small / big decision that changed us forever. We decided to be masters of our lives. We left much of what we had and what we were doing and dedicate ourselves to do what we like: traveling, writing, photographing and do magic. I do not know if we were really sure what we wanted for our lives, but we knew very well what we did not want.

La magia en el camino

Magic in Durban, South Africa. (Autor: Magia en el camino)

Do you consider yourself travelers. Can you consider it your way of life? 

We believe it is a way of life because it became our daily lives. And it’s something that we choose again each time. Despite the difficulties we face, we continue choosing this.
We’re not traveling all the time, but our work and activities are focused on traveling and when we travel we also work. We travel, we come back and then we travel again. I think this becomes a lifestyle.


With the little Tahiel, you are three travelers wanting to discover the world. Have you changed your way of traveling?

Completely yes. While Tahiel is a guy that fits all, we had to make a great effort to realize that we could no longer continue traveling the same way. He needs to play as any kid. We started having the routine of going to playgrounds everywhere we visited. The food could not be “snacks” and continue walking. Tahiel required time to eat. Or when he wanted to take a nap, we had to respect it. He took some things but what he brought us is infinitely more. In every way.

At the beginning of your adventure you had some goals for your travels. Today some of them have been achieved and others are pending. The objectives achieved have fallen short of your expectations? 

If you call goals the destinations, far from diminishing, the list grows. We have been in 50 countries and we think that we know nothing. We have a long list of places we want to discover and we want to go back now with Tahiel.


Colores de Mozambique

African Experience (Autor: Magia en el Camino)

For you the most important in a trip ‘is the people you meet along the way”, certainly you have met countless people in your trips. Who has a place in your heart?

Answering this question is not easy. The truth is that the people we met is responsible of the fact that we have made so many thousands of kilometers. Without them, we would not have done even 10% of what we did. I talk not only about people that stayed and shared a meal with us, but people who took care of us, inviting us to participate in their daily activities, to stay in touch beyond the timeshare. Appoint one is unfair to others, and the list, fortunately, is very long.


I think you’ve been to Barcelona. Is there somewhere that you like to see again?

Yes we were in Barcelona, but much before “Magia en el Camino”. It was in 2002, in one of those short trips we did on our vacation. But we would like to come back and visit it as if it was the first time. We imagine that it will be different, but almost the same

What is your image of Barcelona?

We loved it. I have four cities in the world where after 5 minutes of being there I said I could live there. One of those cities is Barcelona. The other three, to leave the reader with no doubt, are: Cape Town (South Africa), Puerto Madryn (Patagonia Argentina) and The Hague (Netherlands). The reason or reasons that led me to believe that? No idea. It just happened.I have an image of Barcelona of a cultural and artistic city.

Veleros en Puerto madryn

Puerto Madryn, along with Barcelona, is one of their favorite cities

Proyecto Mágico is your social contribution to the places that you travel. With a vibrant magic show and an exhibition of your trips you teach different realities and cultures. What does this project bring to you?

The satisfaction of a smile, a face of amazement, make them forget few minutes of their reality and make them see that they can make their dreams come true. It is one of the most shocking experiences of our lives!
We also believe that by reaching out to other realities we can try to make this world a more egalitarian and less discriminatory place to live.

What do you value most when making a recommendation in your blog?

Our experience in the destination.

Finally, which 3 things are never missing in your suitcase?

  1. Aldana
  2. Tahiel
  3. Magic Elements

(Possibly Aldana includes her camera and notebook)

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