Interview with Adrian and Gosia, MolaViajar Bloggers

MolaViajar is the blog of Adrian, Gosia and the last to arrive, the little Daniela. The project, which was created to keep the family informed, has taken so much inertia that has become a mass phenomenon, where fans can enjoy funny videos, articles and recommendations on their trips around the world.


How did you decide to create MolaViajar?

MolaViajar arrives in 2008 before leaving for our big trip of 4 months in Asia, the main idea of MolaViajar was for the family not to worry and follow our adventures in Asia (it was a tragedy to announce our parents we were leaving our jobs to travel), at that time there was no WhatsApp and was the beginning of Facebook… so the best way was to write a blog for them to know where we were.

Nuestros viajeros empedernidos: Adrián y Gosi en Nueva Zelanda

Adrián and Gosia in New Zeland (Autor: MolaViajar)

Now with the little Daniela, you’re three travelers. Have you changed your way of traveling?

It has totally changed: you must be more organized, sleep in better places… before, when traveling we did hitchhiking, sleeping in the house of strangers… now with our little girl we can’t.

After visiting so many countries and cultures it is sure that you have thousands of anecdotes, what is your favorite?

Kuala Lumpur ha sido una de sus paradas en la vuelta al mundo de MolaViajar (Autor: MolaViajar)

Kuala Lumpur has been one of their stops around the world (Autor: MolaViajar)

Our favorite was during our world tour in 2012. We slept in houses of people who we did not know, and we finished in a house of a millionaire women in Kuala Lumpur. She lived in a skyscraper next to the Petronas Towers with a rooftop pool… we went for two days and stayed 4 because of the good feeling that there was with the family. For 4 days we were not backpackers.

Which places you enjoyed the most? And to which ones you don’t want to come back?

We love Thailand despite being super touristy, its people, its food, its landscapes… We loved visiting New Zealand in a caravan. It is difficult to say a place where we wouldn’t come back…but maybe India.


You have been two years living in Barcelona, and you surely know it perfectly. What is your favorite spot in Barcelona?

We love Montjuic, we don’t know if it’s the Olympic spirit but it is our favorite place.

Would you be able to define Barcelona in one sentence?

The city that has everything you want.

In one of your articles you talk about 5 wonders to see in Barcelona. What is an unmissable in Barcelona?

molaviajar por el barrio gótico de Barcelona

Gothic Neighborhood in Barcelona (Autor: MolaViajar)

To say just one would be a sin… Barcelona has art, sport, gastronomy, people…But we can say Güell Park, which has a bit of everything.

Your trips, videos, tips and recommendations reach more than 62,000 followers on Youtube and 23,000 on Facebook. Why do you are so successful?

It must be the ease way with which we explain anecdotes, people laugh with us, you can identify with the Polish-Galician couple who travels the world fighting for their dreams. Today Brands want that, not to spend millions in professional videos, brands want reality, real life.

What do you value the most when making a recommendation in your blog?


We recommend what makes our trips easier. If we use an insurance that helped us, if we use a hotel comparator that works good… we recommend places according to the experience lived.

Finally, what 3 things never missing in your luggage?

Camera, computer, and now a baby buggy ;)

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