Interview with Sara and JAAC, Salta Conmigo Bloggers

Sara, Italian, and JAAC, from Madrid, are the creators of Salta Conmigo, a travel blog where they share all their experiences throughout the world.
Such is his passion for travel that they admit they have achieved his dream: To live when you are traveling. His maxim, “The backpack is our friend and our rule is improvisation.” Meet them!

How did the idea of creating “Salta Conmigo” come from?

The authors of the blog are Sara, Italian, and JAAC, from Madrid. The blog has already seven years but Salta Conmigo just two years, since Sara joined the project.


The jump was born by chance in the Red Square in Moscow, in front of the Cathedral of St. Basil. We found it friendly and, eventually, it became the leitmotif of the blog. 

In the last year we have been traveling around South America and Antarctica we’ve just returned to Spain, and our jump collection is growing

Do you consider traveling a way of life?

We do not know exactly if we are travelers and if being it means a way of life. We know that we like to travel, discover new places, learn how the natives live, but without suffering, even bad situations bring the best stories… 

Which are your favorite places and which ones would you recommend to intrepid travelers?

We do not know if that has impacted us, it is always difficult to classify, but we loved Brazil. For its scenery from the Amazon flooded deserts, through paradisiacal beaches, but above all, its culture and its people. Probably due to the mixture of races, I do not know, what we do know is that we have never found such a friendly and welcoming people.

Playa de Maragogi

Another place that impacted us was India, very typical for its huge contrasts between the most beautiful we had ever seen (Mount Abu) and greater poverty and misery (in most of the country).

Or Japan. Our first trip to the adventure. 

In your blog there are some posts of Barcelona What places in this city are your favorites? 

Hard to choose … Although it is not very original, one of our favorite spots is the Apple of Discord and particularly Casa Batllò. Carrer del Bisbe, Raval and Park Guell are another of our favorites.

How would you define Barcelona in a sentence?

The city where the architecture, life and the Mediterranean are in a mixture of a unique appeal.

The truth is that we have not written much about Spain, although we have traveled the country, we have visited Barcelona several times, for work and tourism. It is our debt to the blog. 

Barrio Gótico

What do you value the most when making a recommendation?

Make it sincere and based on personal experience. The added value of a blog is just that: it is based on the opinion of a person with whom you can identify. It’s like reading what your neighbor or coworker recommends you. 

What is essential in your suitcase?

A flashlight, a Swiss knife, a cap and boots … for everything! We have a post about what to put in the backpacks and we always review it before departure, so that we do not forget anything.

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